Kids need to know this stuff about the 6th grade!
Louis' School Survival Guide For Fifth Graders

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CLASS††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††TIPS





  1. Reading counts.
  2. Always pay attention in class.
  3. Be ready for binder checks [Keep your binder in order and complete.]
  4. Everything that you do in class counts toward your grade.
  5. Be sure to double check over your work.






1.      Do all your homework.

2.      Make sure you are prepared for class. [Pencils, binder, workbook ect.]

3.      Make sure that you know your multiplying and dividing factors in the beginning of the year.

4.      Always pay attention in class so that you know how to do some things that are really important.





  1. There are tests in gym so study for them.



Period 4


  1. Computer, projects are well design. [You need to do two projects.]
  2. You also have to read the entire book that you are given in computer.
  3. Always go on your work log every day [she grades them]
  4. Be prepared for every class in fourth period.







1.      Bring $4.00 to lunch

2.      If you didnít finish homework that you need in one of your afternoon classes, lunch is a good time to do it so you donít get in trouble.

3.      You can go to the cafeteria, the gym, outside, or in the library at lunch time.

4.      Never hang out in the halls at lunch time or sneak into them because you will eventually get caught by one of the teachers.

Language Arts


  1. Learn your vocab words and definitions
  2. Make sure you do your work every day. [He/she might check it.]



  1. Always follow directions on every quiz, classwork, and tests. [Especially on the direction quiz.]
  2. Follow the teacherís rules [Like lab safety rules.]
  3. You have a quiz every Friday so study, study, and study some more.




Social Studies


  1. If you be quiet and do your work in class you might just play a game [like basketball or silent ball.]
  2. Might grade classworks and homework after first quarter.
  3. Make sure your projects are very well detailed and that you followed the directions carefully for each project.








1.      Know all your locker combinations

2.      Donít tell anyone your combination to your locker. [Not even your best friend.]

3.      Make sure your things that you keep inside the locker are placed neatly [like books, and folders, and binders] or you will get detention with the principal.

4.      Make sure that important items that are in your locker are hidden safely so that no one can steal them.

5.      Donít store food inside your lockers because this year we had ants.



After School Help


  1. Go to extra help for a subject if you need it.
  2. Go to extra help for tests.
  3. Get to extra help earlier for tests


After School Activities


  1. Go to second floor computer class to finish some projects
  2. You can also do fun things like After School Basketball, and Chess Club, and Science Olympiad, Sim City, and a lot of other after school things.



How Teachers Grade You




  1. Preparedness
  2. Homework
  3. Classworks/Projects
  4. Quiz/Test