Principal's Message

Dr. Marianne Tully

Hello Friends,
Welcome to the William O. Schaefer School Home Page. Here at our school we do all that we can to make school an active and challenging learning experience for our students who are in second grade and third grade.
We have a computer center of three or four computers in each classroom. Our technology resource teacher works with our teachers and their classes to integrate the use of the computers with each subject area. We do research using encyclopedias and the Internet. We do E-mail projects with students in the building, in Rockland County, and in various countries around the world. The classes also do multimedia presentations.
Our school is one of three focus schools for the Lincoln Center Institute. Lincoln Center sends teaching artists into the classrooms and performances into the district to give children and experience of how artists create works of art. This helps them to better love and understand the arts.
In our music classes, our third graders learn to play the recorder and our second graders use the Orff instruments. In art, the children do wonderful paintings and make many things such as puppets and masks.
Our physical education teacher stresses the need to exercise, to eat healthy foods, and to not ever smoke.
In all of our subjects, our students learn about themselves and the world around them as they build their communication skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking, and their math skills. We have a school of writers and readers who are growing and learning.