140 Lester Drive
Tappan, New York 10983
Dr. Marianne Tully, Principal

The William O. Schaefer School (WOS) is home to the district's 388 second and third graders. It is designed to weave different subject areas together in a home-based classroom environment.

William O. Schaefer is one of the many schools in the district affiliated with the Lincoln Center Institute. This program is designed to educate about art through creating it with Lincoln Center Institute artists. William O. Schaefer is a pilot program inviting senior citizens to be part of this art education connection.


The William O. Schaefer School Community is committed to fostering a love of learning. We provide an environment that is safe, respectful and nurturing which will enable children to grow and learn to their full potential.

Through innovative instruction and active engagement of students, we promote high academic standards which foster self-esteem.

They will discover more about the uniqueness of themselves and others and the larger world.

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