Religions/ Places of Worship

The Old Dutch Church

The church was built by Frederick Philipse who was also know as the Lord of the Manor of Philipsburg. The church was Built around 1699. The Old Dutch Church is the oldest church building in New York. Across is the nearby bridge that the Headless Horseman rode. Ichabod Crane would go and sing in the church choir. There are many things within the walls of the Old Dutch church. There is the crypt, to which the coffins the of the Philips family.

The Old Dutch Church has been repaired; and the reconditioning and restoration of the burying grounds has also been done.

The Old Dutch Church still has few services that take place. The Old Dutch Church is the most famous church in the Tarrytowns.

The Methodist Church

The Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church is today known as the Methodist Church of Tarrytown. It is the second oldest congregation in the area. It was established in 1796.

Now the church is celebrating its 100th anniversary. It has been serving the Tarrytown for many years. There are at least 50 to 60 people every service.

The picture on the left is how the church looked then.




The picture on the bottom is how the church looks today.



St. Teresa’s Church

In 1850, Rev. John Hackett gathered a small group of people in a room at Mrs. Cain’s house on Brick Yard Pow, and also at the home of Patrick Donohue on Beekman Street. Rev. H. Bienvenu, S.J. would say Mass here once a month.

In the spring of 1851, Rev. Thomas Preston came to Tarrytown every third Sunday and celebrated the Mass in the Fowler’s Hall on Main Street.

Washington Irving donated $100 towards the $300 purchase for the church in 1852. St. Teresa’s Church was dedicated on December 19, 1852. On September 25,1853 Rev. John Hackett was a pastor at St. Teresa’s Church.


Foster Memorial Church

Foster Memorial Church was built in 1860, by Henry Foster and his wife Amanda Foster. Henry Foster decided to provide a new black church for the emigrants from the south to be confortable in Tarrytown, this church helped runaway slaves. The church now has 138 years of service. Hiram Jimerson and Jacob Thomas helped Amanda and Henry Foster find a place to hold their services.

Henry Foster was a member at AME Zion Church in White Plains before having his own church. When he was at his death bed, he told his wife of his dreams for the church. Amanda set out to accomplish these dreams for her husband and help them come true even with him in the grave.




Transfiguration Church

The Transfiguration Church was built by the Carmelite Fathers in 1898. The Transfiguration Parish consists of Christian believers faithful to the Catholic tradition.

The first Transfiguration Church burned down. In 1966 the church was demolished. Transfiguration Parish built another church, the first round Catholic house of worship.

The new round church gave inspiration to similar structures in North America and Europe. The new church was completed by Christmas of 1967. In 1992 it celebrated its 25th anniversary.




The First Church of Christ Scientist


The First Church of Christian Science dedicated its new structure on May 31, 1981. This structure was formerly owned by the Historical Society of the Tarrytown. Mary Baker Eddy was the and founder of Christian Science. The congregation paid its last the mortgage from a grant of the will of Mary Baker Eddy. Two services were held for the dedication. Forty to fifty people were at each service. The Church had to clear away the brush of the three-and-a-half acres. The Christian Science Religion started in Tarrytown in January of 1929.


Temple Beth Abraham

Temple Beth Abraham was originally called the Hebrew Congregation of North Tarrytown. The Temple serves two denominations of the Jewish community. Services for the Reformed meet on Fridays and services for the Conservatives meet on Saturdays. There are approximately 320 members who are led by Rabbi David Holtz and Cantor Margot Bermas.



Korean Presbyterian Church

One of the newest churches in the Tarrytowns is the Korean Presbyterian Chech of Church. For years the Korean Church of Westchester did not have a permanent place to warship. The church started in 1977, in the basement of a church in White Plains; then they rented a place in Rye.




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