Tarrytown did not have an army, but the American Revolutionary Army was stationed here. Three militia men from the American Revolutionary Army stopped Major Andre from taking over West Point. He was stopped in Patriots Park on his way to West Point. Major Andre thought the militia men were part of the British command to help him take West Point. They hung Major Andre in 1780, after he admitted he was a British soldier. The militia men were awarded medals.


In another situation an American ship was bringing flour to Tarrytown when a British ship attacked the American ship. The British set the American ship on fire. The Americans put out the fire. The British retreated. The fight was commemorated in 1781 with a bronze plaque placed at the Tarrytown railroad station.


Declaration of Independence

No one from Tarrytown signed the Declaration of Independence. The only people that signed the Declaration of Independence were William Floyd from Long Island, Philip Livingston from Brooklyn, and Francis Lewis from Long Island. These were the local people that signed the Declaration of Independence.


Presidents Visit Tarrytown

During the time period 1775-1885, four American presidents came to Tarrytown. George Washington visited the Florence Inn, which was on Franklin Street in 1775. When Martin Van Buren visited in 1879, he would also visit the Florence. Most of the time he would only stop to have a cup of coffee. When Rutherford Hayes came in 1882, he also stopped for coffee. Theodore Roosevelt just rode by the Florence Inn on his horse.

In the time period of 1976-1997, two Presidents visited Tarrytown. President Richard Nixon came in 1972, and President William Clinton came in the fall of 1996. He visited the Rockefeller Estate for a campaign fund raiser.


Village Presidents and Mayors of

Tarrytown & North Tarrytown



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