Our group was responsible for doing a survey on the topic of music. We all joined together to come up with many different questions involving music that we thought the average 7th grader would be interested in. Then, we put the questions together and made a survey about music. We distributed our survey to the whole 7th grade on Febuary 19, 1997, during 6th period at Sleepy Hollow Middle School. The whole purpose for our music survey was to find out what the average 7th grader likes related to music.

We all learned that most 7th graders like to listen to alternative music. Many buy their tapes, cd’s, and records in a store named Coconuts. We learned that they do not listen to heavy metal often, but they do listen to rap. Most of them like LL CooL J. We found out that the average 7th grader prefers Keith Sweat as best male artist of 1997. They chose Little Kim as best female artists of 1997. Below we have a graph that has more information.

Produced by: Isabel, Nina, Marline & Luis