Our part of the team project for the seventh grade at Sleepy Hollow Middle School was on movies. As a group of four in our third period math class we came up with a movie survey. We found out what kids in our grade thought about movies. Included with the survey, we will have a graph showing our results.

The results we found were that their favorite movie was Independence Day and that their least favorite was Fear. Their favorite type of movie is comedy and their least favorite is biography. Their favorite older movie is Honey I Shrunk the Kids and their least favorite is Sparticus. The movie rating that they watch the most is rated "R," and the ones they watch the least are "G" and "PG." Their favorite actress is Sandra Bullock, and their least favorite is Claire Danes. Their favorite actor is Will Smith, and their least favorite is Chris Rock. Popcorn is the food they eat the most while watching movies. Their least favorite food is chips. They enjoy watching movies with their friends, and least like watching movies alone. Most of the children’s parents are aware of what their kids watch in the movies.

This concludes our experience in finding out about the kids in our grade and their interest in movies.

What are our favorite types of movies?

Produced by Stefanie, Liz, Ahna & Lee