Education and Careers Goals

What we did first was to get into groups to discuss making a survey on Education and Careers to give to the seventh grade. We did a brainstorm of questions that we should use in our survey. We asked questions such as "Do you want to go to college?" This took about half a week to make up. We typed it. Then it was ready to be distributed to the rest of the school. We gave the survey to the sixth period classes.

We collected the surveys and got to work tallying up the results. We separated the surveys and gave some to each person and recorded the final results on a blank copy of our survey.

We conducted this survey because we were curious about the future of our schoolmates. It also told us a lot about our school, who we are, and what we can accomplish in our futures.

We have learned many things about our school and the students. Most of the students want to go to college and have a career. Most people would like to be either a secretary or an engineer. If they would like to have children, they will work and probably get a nanny to watch the kids.

This summary is for the purpose of showing you how great our school and our school’s future is. We hope you have enjoyed our introduction to our part of the web site.

When we got our surveys back, we tallied up the results. Here is what we came up with:

1. Most of the students would like to go to college.

2. Most of the students are planning to go to high school until they are 16.

3. Most of the students would like to have a career instead of a job.

4. Most of the students would like to work full time instead of part time.

5. Most of the students would like to be their own boss instead of working for someone else.



Would You Want To Be Your Own Boss Or Work For Someone Else ?


Own Boss = 77 %