The topic that our group did for the NYNEX WEB PAGE is called Games and Us. The reason we did this project was so that we could find out what entertainment systems and games 7th graders in Sleepy Hollow preferred. We conducted this survey so we could let the world understand what Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown are all about. In this web page you will see graphs, pictures, and information about them. We hope that you enjoy this web site!!!


We asked the 7th grade a few questions about computers and entertainment systems. Here are a few of the questions and the results.

#1 Do you have a computer ?

#2 Have you ever played an entertainment system ?

#3 Do you have an entertainment system ?

#4 Do you have computer games ?

We found out that............

1# : 70% of the 7th graders at Sleepy Hollow have a computer.

2#: 81% of the seventh graders have played an entertainment system.

3#: 69% of the students have an entertainment system.

4#: 60% of the students have computer games.


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