7th Grade Demographics


We conducted a survey with the goal of finding out about the average seventh grader. To make our survey accurate, we asked the whole seventh grade to fill them out. We handed out our surveys during the week of February 20, 1997. These surveys were written and handed out in Sleepy Hollow Middle School, Tarrytown, New York. The reason for these surveys was to show the average seventh grade boy and girl at Sleepy Hollow Middle School.



Average Seventh Grade Male Results


The results were based on 68 males who properly filled out the survey. The most popular nationalities were Italian, Spanish, Puerto Rican, American, Indian, German, Greek, and Irish. The most popular hair colors were brown and black. Most of them had short hair and most do not part their hair. Most of the boys weighed 110-140 pounds and are about 5"4 to 5"8. Thirty six of them have brown hair. Most of them do not wear glasses or contacts. Most do not wear jewelry or have freckles and do not have their ears pierced. Most live in apartments. Most of them rent their house or apartment. Most of their parents are married. Forty-two have brothers or sisters. None of them is adopted. Thirty-eight play sports.



The average 7th grade female


The results of the 68 females were that the two most popular nationalities were American and Hispanic. The most popular hair color is brown and the length is medium. The average weight is 100+ and the average height is 5 foot and up. The average eye color is brown. More people do not wear glasses and do not wear contacts. Most of the girls wear jewelry. Two girls do not have ears pierced. Thirty-three people live in a house and the rest live in an apartment building or condo. Fourteen students live in Tarrytown and twenty-seven in Sleepy Hollow. More people rent than own a house. Most of the girls parents are married. Fifty-nine of the girls have siblings. One girl is adopted. Only twenty-eight participate in school sports.


Produced by Steve, Amanda, Lindsay and Lindsay