Fashion and Style


The project that we did for the Sleepy Hollow Middle School Web page is Fashion and Style. Our group wanted to find out the average style of the typical seventh grader. The information was collected by using a survey that we put together. We asked the seventh grade students at Sleepy Hollow Middle School. The surveys were sent out on February 21, 1997. Our group did this project so we can let the world see the Fashion and Style of the seventh grade. We learned that there are different styles, different name brands and different ways to wear the style. The information was then tallied up, and we got the following results:

What’s Popular

The graph consists of 122 surveys in which 307 brands, some being duplicated were listed. This averages out to be 2.5 brands listed per person.

This particular graph represents the type of brands that the students of our school wear. You can see the number one brand of clothing was Tommy Hilfiger, with Levi coming in second and Guess coming in a close third.


Produced by Lakeia, Melvin, Bobby & Richardo