The Legend of Sleepy Hollow


In a little town near the Tappan Zee called Sleepy Hollow, but better known as Tarry Town (sic) lived a school teacher named Ichabod Crane.



Ichabod was in love with one of the town’s women named Katrina Van Tassel. He had competition. A man named Brom Bones loved her too. He was one of the strongest, most handsome men in Tarry Town (sic).





Katrina invited Ichabod to a Halloween party that her family was throwing. Brom Bones was also invited. At the party Brom told scary stories. One story was about a soldier whose head was blown off by a canon in the Revolutionary War, and every Halloween he rides around on his black horse trying to find his head. He also carries a pumpkin with him. Ichabod danced a few times with Katrina and since the party was coming to an end, Ichabod decided to head home. He said goodbye to Katrina and left.


He went through the woods to get home. About a quarter way through the woods, Ichabod started to hear footsteps and creepy noises in the bushes. He got scared so he kicked his horse Gunpowder in his side to go faster. While Gunpowder and Ichabod were racing through the forest, the headless horseman pounced on Ichabod and scareed him half to death. Ichabod saw a bridge and knew that once he crossed it, he would be safe.


The headless horseman threw his pumpkin at Ichabod and it hit him. The next morning the town's people found only Ichabod’s horse Gunpowder and Ichabod’s hat lying next to the smashed pumpkin.




Nobody really knows what happened to Ichabod. Some people think that he was killed by the headless horseman and some think that he disappeared for his own safety. As for Katrina and Brom Bones, they got married and lived a happy life.



Produced by: Perry, Zeke, Allison, Alison and Beatrice