Created by the 7th Grade Students at Sleepy Hollow Middle School - Spring, 1997

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NYNEX Project

by Bridget


The seventh grade students have been working on a research project using funds from a grant from NYNEX. The third period classes have been researching different aspects of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow throughout history.

The students in the classes of Mr. Scrocca, Mr. Stracka, and Mrs. Hunsburger’s have been researching topics from Pre-Columbian times all the way up to the present day. Some examples of topics are: recreation and leisure activities, famous people, roles of women, and the judicial branch.

Students in Mr. Russell’s class are researching Legends and Folklore of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle are two stories they are learning about in English class.

Mrs. Boyle's, Ms. Compton's, and Mr. Thomas’ classes are researching Our Team. They are taking surveys and polls of what type of food, clothing, music, etc. the seventh grade students in Sleepy Hollow Middle School like. Mrs. Reich is helping the ESL students with their research, and Mr. Mormile is heading the computer skills. When all the classes are finished with their research, they will exhibit their findings on the World Wide Web at our own website. While learning valuable research techniques, we will be learning how to create a website and use the computers.

Mr. Mormile will be helping the seventh graders put their work on the Internet, which will be our final product. The students will be graded on their web page and their work during the project.

The teachers in the seventh grade team and NYNEX hope that this will be an educational experience for everyone.


Changing the Name to Sleepy Hollow

by Margaretann, Amberly, Chris, Lisa & Leslie


On Tuesday, December 4, 1996, the people of North Tarrytown and what was formerly known as North Tarrytown had a vote on whether or not to change the town’s name to Sleepy Hollow. The voters decided to change the name. Many people felt that the name Sleepy Hollow would bring more tourism to the town, but others felt that it would just be a nuisance. Also, some people felt that it would cost too much to replace all the signs for the village. But only three days after the name was changed, signs were posted on the road, at John Paulding and at various other places in the town. Now, the conflict is whether or not to change the name of the high school and middle school. It seems unfair to many people from Tarrytown to name the school Sleepy Hollow Middle and High School, since 53 percent of the Sleepy Hollow Middle School and High School students are from Tarrytown. Of the polled seventh-graders, 60 percent of them wanted to keep the name North Tarrytown. Maybe the decision might have been different if the Sleepy Hollow students were allowed to vote.


Westchester vs. Galleria

by Julia

The Westchester Mall, which has just recently been built, has given people the choice of which mall to go to, Westchester or Galleria. What are the differences? The Galleria and the Westchester have a few of the same stores, such as Express, Victoria’s Secret, Structure, Gymboree, and Foot Locker. There are also many different stores. Most of the stores in the Westchester are expensive. The Westchester is brighter, more elegant, and has fancier decorations and carpeted floors. The Westchester is spotless, unlike the Galleria which tends to have gum wrappers and french fries all over the place. Both malls have large parking lots. At the Galleria, you put quarters in the meter, whereas at the Westchester, you pay when you leave or if you buy anything at Nordstrom’s, you get free parking.

The Food Court at the Galleria offers more variety. There are fourteen different choices and three restaurants, while the Westchester has only nine choices and one restaurant. Of the people I polled, 7 out of 13 liked the Galleria better. Most people liked it because they could afford the things there, but most people said that the Westchester had better stores.



by Kristen

Teenagers are angry because the government is considering changing the driving age from 16 to 18. Some adults feel that 16 year olds cause too many accidents. Some teenagers think that they should just keep the age at 16, and spend more time on driving lessons or giving harder tests. Other teenagers think that if you turned 16, last year you may keep your driver's license, but if you are turning 16, you will have to wait until you are 18. Teenagers look forward to getting their driver's license. They look forward to driving to the mall, and going places on their own, not having their parents driving them places. Some teenagers do not want to get their driver's license. They think they will get too many tickets and get their driver's license taken away. They also feel it is too much of a responsibility. Although, when you turn 16, you may get your learner's permit. Teenagers are grateful for that. Fortunately, the law has not come through. The driver's license age will stay at the age of 16.

Thank goodness!!!


The Making of a Magazine

by Mr. Mormile

This magazine was an interdisciplinary project created by the 7th Grade Team. Its goals were to develop the students writing ability, as well as their ability to work together as a team. Every student was required to create two pieces for the project. One was related to an academic subject area, and the other was related to a news item. All students were required to practice the stages of the writing process, which include the following: prewriting, drafting, sharing conference, revising, revision conference, editing and evaluation.

This magazine became the last step in the writing process called publication.

Students were told in the beginning that not everyone’s articles would be used. The selection process was conducted by teachers and a committee of students. Quality of the written work and the needs of the magazine were taken into consideration. We made a strong effort to include as many members of the seventh grade team as possible. We were able to include 48% of the team causing the newsletter to grow into a magazine.

Special thanks need to go to the six student editors who worked very hard on this project. They were Annabel, Stephen, Meredith, Susana, Bridget and Julia.


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