Jenny Thompson

Jenny Thompson is training for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia. She was a member of the 1996 United States Olympic Swim Team. Jenny was born on February 26, 1973. She grew up in New Hampshire. When she was seven she tried out for a swim team but didn't make it. She was too slow. She got faster and when she was 8 she made the swim team. By the time she was 14 she made the US Swim Team. The pool she used to swim in is now called the Jenny Thompson Competition Pool at Guppey Park.

She won a college scholarship for swimming to Stanford University in 1991. In the 1992 Olympics she won two gold medals in relay races and one silver medal in the 100-meter freestyle. In the 1996 Olympics she won three gold medals in relay races. She hopes to do even better in the 2000 Olympics.

Jenny likes learning to play the guitar and rollerblade. She wants to become a surfer and a doctor.

Courtesy of USA Swimming

2000, by Danielle, third grade