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Martha Kostyra was born in Nutley, New Jersey on August 3, 1941. She had five brothers and sisters. Her main goal was to be famous. Her parents Martha and Edward were very supportive. Her dad liked to garden and taught Martha how to grow things. Her mom taught her how to cook. All the Kostrya children were encouraged to do things for themselves. Martha grew up hard working and was a straight "A" student, winning a scholarship to Barnard College in New York City. To help pay the bills, while in college, Martha worked as a model. She studied chemistry but then switched to art. Martha married Bill Stewart in 1963 and kept working as a model and doing TV commercials. Then from 1967 until 1973 she worked as a stockbroker. She moved with her husband and daughter Alexis to Connecticut. They bought a very old farmhouse and Martha worked to restore it. Martha started a catering business. It grew very quickly into a million dollar a year business.

Martha Stewart is also an author, she wrote articles for the New York Times. She signed a contract to work with Kmart for $5 million and has appeared on the Today Show. That work made her name very well known all over America. Martha also was an editor for House Beautiful, Martha Stewart Living, and Family Circle. In 1982 she published her first book called Entertaining, co-written with Elizabeth Hawes. It was an immediate success! It gave Martha Stewart's business a big boost! Soon she was making videotapes, dinner-music CDs, television shows and writing lots of different books on foods, decorating, and holidays. In 1993, Martha's TV show Martha Stewart Living was first aired. The show has won three Emmy Awards. The catalog Martha by Mail was first published in 1995. In 1997, Martha started a company called Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Now Martha has her own TV show, magazine, and much more doing what she loves to do.

Although Martha went to jail in December of 2001 for lying to investigators.  "Create something that you love in your life time. Not only work, but pleasurable things like gardening, got me through a lot of hard times," Martha said. Martha is still determined to make her company a big success!

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