Nicole Sherry

Nicole Sherry is only the second woman in Major League Baseball to be head groundskeeper. She is responsible for making the Baltimore Orioles baseball field, Camden Yards, perfect for every home game. She was named head groundskeeper in 2007. Before the Orioles, she was the head groundskeeper for three years for the Double-A Trenton Thunder, where she was the first to hold that job in history of the Eastern League. She did such a good job there that they honored her with her own bobble head doll.

Nicole graduated from the University of Delaware in 2002 with a degree in General Agriculture. She studied turf grass while she was there.

During baseball season, when the team is home, she works from 9:00 in the morning until an hour and a half after every game. Some nights that's well after midnight! She has a crew of 26. Nicole and her crew take care of the grass until late November or early December. They stay busy during the winter ordering supplies for the spring and taking care of other things.

from Wikipedia Commons - look at the pattern on the grass!

image courtesy of the Baltimore Orioles

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By Vinny & Mike, fourth grade, 2009