Marta Sandal

Can you guess of a woman who crossed the ocean 13 times and never got seasick? Well, this talented woman is Marta Sandal. This outstanding woman was born on 1878 in Norway. Marta Sandal started giving concerts at the age of 12. As a child she sang with a chorus of 500 children in Christiania, Norway. King Oscar II was so impressed with her voice that he had her placed in the Royal Conservatory of Music in Christiania. Marta studied music there for five years. The king sent her to Paris and Berlin to sing. She worked at the grand opera of Dresden. She studied with the famous Norwegian composer Edvard Greig. He thought Marta Was gifted! He sent her to America to sing. On April 21, 1907 she preformed at Carnegie Hall. Marta also spoke about Women’s Rights. She married a Norwegian farmer named Gudmund Rörtvedt on June 29, 1914. Together they had 4 children; the oldest daughter’s name was Serene Berglund (she became a singer like her mom.) Marta’s second daughter was Sylvia A. Grace (she sang before she was married and became president of International Television Corporation.) Marta’s third daughter’s name was Marta C. Noss, she became a teacher. Sadly Marta’s fourth daughter died at the age of 1. They lived on a farm in North Dakota.

On March 2, 1930 Marta’s music stopped. She died of cancer.

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By Maja & Alexandra, fourth grade, 2007

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