STATUE_MONTAGE.JPG (35854 bytes)Sacagawea was an Indian girl. She belonged to the Shoshones Indians. Her name means, "Bird woman." One day the Minnetaree warriors went to her village. They took horses, women, and children. Sacagawea was caught too. She became their servant girl. She learned many different things from the Minnetaree warriors. She even learned their language. Then they sold Sacagawea to Toussaint Charbonneau. He wanted to marry her. She became his wife. She was about 16 years old when she got married to him.

One day Captain Lewis and Captain Clark saw her. They wanted her to go with them for a journey to the Shoshones Indians. She had a baby named Pomp. Pomp means "first born." She helped the captains a lot. Captain Clark and Captain Lewis named a river after her because of her courage. When they got to the Shoshones village, she found her brother. He gave them all they needed. They taught her about Christmas.

No one knows for sure how or when she died. Some people think that she became the wife of Charbonneau and died because there was proof of a girl who died and it sounded like what she looked like. Other people think she went with Lewis and Clark to St. Louis.

Picture from:

1999, by Jamie, third grade