Eleanor Roosevelt


Anna Eleanor Roosevelt made the world a better place by helping black people, poor people, women, and children. She was born in New York City, on We read about Amelia Earhart. October 11, 1884. She was the daughter of Anna Hall and Elliot Roosevelt. Elliot was the younger brother of Theodore Roosevelt. She lived with her mother because her parents were separated. In 1892 her mother died. Eleanor thought that her dream to live with her father could now come true. Instead, she went to go live with her Grandmother Hall. She was still living with her Grandmother when her father died. All she heard from her Grandmother in a whisper was, "I did want to see him again." She went to school in England. Eleanor considered herself ugly, but the headmistress of the school helped her become more confident about herself. In 1903, she was 18, and she became engaged to a man named Franklin Delano Roosevelt and were married in 1905. Eleanor and Franklin had six children (one died when it was an infant.) Because she was the First Lady, she chose helping black people, poor people, women, Indians, and children. Her husband died but she kept on working. Then she died in 1962.


1998, by Kristen, third grade