Jennifer Rodriguez

Jennifer Rodriguez was born June 8, 1976 in Miami, Florida. Her nickname is J Rod, sort of like A Rod! She lives in Park City, Utah. She went to Florida International for college.

He dad, Emilio was born in Cuba, and he is an artist. Her mom, Barbara was born in the United States. Jennifer has a younger brother Eric. When Jennifer was four she was invited to a birthday party at a roller rink in Miami. She loved it! She stared roller-skating regularly. Jennifer started competing when she was only 5 years old. She won 12 World Championships.

Jennifer is engaged to marry to speed skater K.C. Boutiette. They are getting married on April 13, 2002 in Miami, Florida. Jennifer started ice skating in 1995 because her boyfriend KC said he thought she should try it.

J Rod is famous because she won two Bronze medals in speed skating in the 2002 Olympic Games. She may have been the first Hispanic American to compete in the Winter Olympics and the first winter Olympian from Miami, Florida. For fun J Rod likes to jet ski, snowboard, bike, read Harry Potter books, and collect Hardrock Café pins. She loves pizza. Hopefully now you now a little bit about Jennifer Rodiguez.

By Michael Z, third grade, 2002


Picture Courtesy U.S. Olympic Committee