Mary Robinson

Mary Robinson was born on May 21, 1944 in Ballina, Ireland. She had four brothers and both of her parents were doctors. Mary went to a convent boarding school. Growing up Mary said, "Although I was the only girl I never had any sense that I was different or there was a limit on what I might do or achieve." She graduated from Dublin University and Trinity College and became a lawyer. Later she went to Harvard University in Massachusetts. In 1969 she was elected to the Irish Senate. At the age of 25, Mary was appointed Professor of Constitutional and Criminal Law at Trinity College. She also lectured about European community law. Mary married Nicholas Robinson in 1970 and has three children, Theresa, William and Aubrey. On December 3, 1990, Mary Robinson was inaugurated as the seventh President of Ireland and its first woman President. She resigned in 1997 to accept the job as United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. She has that job today.

image courtesy of Photo by Aidan O'Rourke 

by John and Danny Co., third grade, 2001