Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

Rose with President Kennedy December 1962

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy was the mother of John F. Kennedy. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts on July 22, 1890. She was the oldest, and had 6 brothers and sisters. Her father was a congressman, his name was John "Honey Fitz" Fitzgerald. He later became a very popular mayor of Boston. Rose was a pianist. She wanted to go to Wellesley College but her father made her go to the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Boston, Massachusetts. She married Joseph Kennedy, a bank president in 1914. They had 4 sons, and 5 daughters. In 1937 her husband became United States ambassador to Great Britain. They returned home when World War II broke out. The famous Kennedy curse began when her daughter Rosemary was institutionalized in 1941. In 1944, her son Joe Jr. was killed in a naval airplane crash over the English Channel and in 1948, her daughter Kathleen died in a plane crash. In 1963, then President John Kennedy was assassinated and Robert was also assassinated in 1968. Her husband died of a stroke in 1969. One of her quotes she said when her husband died was, "I've had an exciting time; I married for love and got along with it.'' Mrs. Kennedy was a very religious woman, "I tell myself that God gave my children many gifts - spirit, beauty, intelligence, the capacity to make friends and to inspire respect. There was only one gift he held back - length of life." Rose Kennedy died on January 22, 1995 at the age of 104.   

Image courtesy of JFK Library

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