Faith Ringgold

Faith Ringgold was born on October 8, 1930 in New York City. She is famous for her children's stories and her painted story quilts. Our favorite story if Aunt Harriet and the Underground Railroad. She had to stay home from school a lot because she had asthma. When she was home her mother taught her to sew and make things. He mother took her to museums and to see great actors. When her mother died she started making quilts to honor her. Then she wrote stories on her quilts. She has written 30 story quilts.

Faith went to City College in New York to learn about art. Today she is an Art Professor at the University of California in San Diego, California. Faith has a studio in Englewood, New Jersey. She is married and has two daughters and three grandchildren.

Picture courtesy of Faith Ringgold 

2000, by Matthew and Demetrios, third grade