Pokeycol.jpg (57057 bytes)Pocahontas’ life was short but I am going to tell a little part of it. Pocahontas was born in Virginia in 1595. Her name meant "little wanton," playful frolicsome girl. Her mom died when she was young and her dad was an Indian chief. She was an only child. She did not go to school because there was no school where she lived. She learned from her experiences. She married a man named John Rolfe in 1617. She died later in 1617, when she was 21. She died of smallpox. There was no cure at the time. She died in England. I feel sad for her because she had a short life. She was important because she helped the English settlers. She helped them by bringing them food and making peace between the settlers and the Indians. She made a difference because the English lived and she had made peace. If she had not lived the English would have died or there would have been a war. That is a little piece of Pocahontas’ life.

Picture from: http://www.co.henrico.va.us/manager/pokeypix.htm

1999, by Kim, third grade