Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley was a rodeo star. Once Annie Oakley shot a cigarette out of her husband's mouth and the bullet did not touch him or go through the cigarette.

Annie Oakley was born August 13, 1860. She lived in a log cabin in Darke County, Ohio.

Annie had 7 brothers and sisters. Her father died when she was 6 years old. Three years after her father died, Annie's mother got married again and Annie went to live in an orphanage. Annie's stepfather died and Annie's mother became a nurse. Annie's mother got married again for the third time and Annie went home to live with her family. The first thing Annie did when she got home was go to school. Annie died in 1926.

Annie Oakley was important to different people. Annie was important to the orphanage. She gave up her medals for money to give to the orphanage. She was important to Sitting Bull because he liked her so much, he adopted her. She also was important to her family because she was the one who got all the meat when her father died. She used her gun to kill animals for food. She sold meat to get money for her family to pay off the mortgage.

Annie Oakley was a rodeo star that people loved.


1998, by Chris, third grade