Dominique Moceanu

Born on September 30, 1981, her parents, Dimitry and Camelia Moceanu hoped Dominique would be a gymnast because both of them were. Dominique has a younger sister named Christina also is a gymnasts. When she was six months old, her parents gave her a test. Her father got a clothesline and stretched it across the kitchen. Could Dominique hold onto the clothesline? She did, she swung easily from the line.

By the time she was four she was a star in her gymnastics club. When she was seven she was in her first competition. People clapped for her and so she felt special. When she watched television she had her eye on a coach named Bela Karolyi. Two of his students won Olympic gold metals.

One Thanksgiving her parents take her on a trip, but it ends up that her family was taking her to Bela's gym. This was Dominique's big chance to prove she could be one of Bela's students. Bela saw that she was a fighter and took her as one of his students. In 1995, at age thirteen she became the youngest U.S. gymnastic champion ever. What was even more amazing was that she still had good grades in school.

Just before the 1996 Olympics, Dominique hurt her right leg. Her leg wouldn't heal completely before the competition. Now she couldn't practice but the US team took her anyway. The team was spectacular! They won the first gold medal for a US women's gymnastics team. 

Dominique is busy training for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia.

Image courtesy of Dominique Moceanu Online - - Dominique's Official Website.


2000, by Sonia, fourth grade