Hayley Mills

Hayley Mills was practically the biggest child stars of the 1960’s!

Hayley Mills was born with the name Hayley Catherine Rose Vivien Mills. She was born in England on April 18, 1946. Hayley’s screen debate was in 1947 as an infant in the film, So Well Remembered. She started movies early because of her family. Her father, John Mills, is a famous actor. Her mother, Mary Hayley Bell, is a famous novelist and playwright. And her older sister, Juliet Mills, is also a famous actor like her father.

In 1959, Hayley won her first big role. She starred with her father in Tiger Bay. She played Gillie, a young girl who witnessed a crime. This led Hayley to a British Academy Award. Walt Disney happened to see this film and thought it was marvelous! So Walt brought Hayley all the way from her home in England to Hollywood. There they settled on a 5 year contract.

Pollyanna was Hayley’s first film while working for Disney. This film was an immediate success. This Disney filmed earned Hayley a miniature statue at the Oscar Ceremony. After that, Hayley’s career took off. Hayley starred in her most successful film which was titled The Parent Trap. She plays twin sisters,  Susan and Sharon, who unexpectedly meet up at summer camp. There they come up with a plan to get their divorced parents back together.

After the success of The Parent Trap, Hayley starred in 4 more Walt Disney movies. The movies were In Search of the Castaways, Summer Magic, The Moon Spinners, and That Darn Cat. In her 5 years with Disney, Hayley starred in 3 more movies outside the Disney studios. Those movies were Whistle Down the Wind, The Chalk Garden, and The Truth About Spring.

In 1971, Hayley Mills married Roy Boulting. In 1973, 2 years after getting married, they had a son named Caspian. However, in 1976, Hayley eventually divorced Boulting after the crumbling of her career. Soon after the divorce she married Leigh Lawson and had her second son Jason. This marriage did not last long either, they divorced in 1984.

In 1987, Hayley Mills starred in her own popular show, Good Morning Miss Bliss which was renamed Saved By the Bell. She starred as Miss Bliss, the teacher. Unfortunately, she left the series 2 years later.

During the 1990's, Hayley starred in 2 more movies. She was the voice of Hilary in A Troll in Central Park. Hayley also toured the U.S. in the musical The King and I. She played the lead role as Anna. Now Hayley lives in London with both her sons.

 In her life, Hayley Mills won many awards. These are the ones she won:

 1959- "A Silver Berlin Bear" by The Berlin International Film Festival
 1960- "The Most Promising Newcomer" by the British Academy Awards
 1961- "The Most Outstanding Juvenile Performance during 1960" for her role in Pollyanna
 1961- "The Most Promising Newcomer" from The Golden Globes

   So as you can see, Hayley Mills has had many roles in many different movies. She had such a great career and won many awards. If you want to find out additional information on Hayley Mills, check out these websites:

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