Catherine de’ Medici

I would love to be a queen one day just like Catherine de’ Medici! Catherine de’ Medici was the queen of France. Catherine was born on April 13, 1519 in Florence, Italy. She was the daughter of the Duke of Urbino, Lorenzo II de’ Medici, the great granddaughter of Lorenzo the Magnificent ruler of Florence and the niece of Pope Clement VII. In 1533 she married the duc d’ Orleans. In 1547 the duke became the King of France; he was known as Henry II. Sadly Henry died in 1559 and their 15 year old son Francis II became king. Francis II ruled for a year before he died. Catherine’s second son Charles IX was only ten when he took the throne. Charles IX died in 1574, and Catherine’s third son Henry III became king. Catherine ruled in Charles’ place until he was old enough. She was a major force in France during the 30 years of Roman Catholic-Huguenot wars.

Catherine was a supporter of the arts. She was interested in architecture and was involved in additions to the Louvre Museum in Paris. She also began the construction of the Tuileries Palace. Catherine died on January 5, 1589 in Blois, France.

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by Isabelle D., fourth grade, 2007

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