Mary T. Meagher

We would like to introduce you to Mary T. Meagher. She is a pretty amazing woman! Mary had her first world record before she was fifteen! She was so spectacular in the butterfly that she was nicknamed Madame Butterfly! Mary was born on October 27, 1964 in Louisville, Kentucky. Mary began competing in swimming competitions at an early age. "Our father went to Notre Dame on a basketball scholarship, so sports and competition were a way of life around our house," says Mary T. "My ten siblings and I had no trouble putting together kickball teams on Saturday afternoons."

Mary was expected to compete for medals at the 1980 Olympic Games in Russia. However, Mary, just like the rest of the United States Olympic team, sadly never got her chance due to President Jimmy Carterís boycott of the Olympics. The next year Meagher gave one of the most amazing performances in competitive swimming at the US National Swimming Championships held in Brown Deer, Wisconsin. Meagher set the world records in the 200 and 100 meter butterfly; her times for both records were near impossible. Both records stood for nearly 20 years. In college she swam for the University of California at Berkley. She graduated in 1987. She dominated NCAA championships by winning six titles! In the 1984 Olympics Mary took home three gold medals in the 100m and 200m butterfly and the butterfly leg in the relay. In 1988 she again took gold in the 200m butterfly. Mary was selected to be in the International swimming Hall of fame in 1993! Mary owned 24 national titles by the time she retired.

Today Mary is married to speed skater Mike Plant and they live in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia with their two children, Madeline and Drew.

Photo by © Todd Buchanan 2007

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by Olivia & Jessica, 4th grade, 2007

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