Rebecca Lobo

Rebecca Lobo is a professional basketball player. I look up to her because when I saw her playing basketball she encouraged me to play basketball too. I met her during the 1998 Women's All-Star basketball game in Manhattan. To get her autograph it took me an hour. Finally I went up to her, Rebecca gave me her autograph. After that I took a picture of Rebecca Lobo. I really admire her.

She was born in Southwick, Massachussetts on October 6, 1973. Her height is 6'4" and her weight is 190 lb. She went to college at the University of Connecticut and she graduated in 1995.  Her team won the NCAA title and as a result she has become the state of Connecticut's favorite daughter.  She was named the tournament's most outstanding player. 

The youngest member in the National team, Lobo has truly come of age. She has become one of the most famous women basketball players in the world.  She does not take anything for granted and is motivated by a desire to be the best at whatever she does.

1998, by Mario, grade six