Kristine Lilly

She shoots and she scores! Kristine Lilly is a famous woman soccer player for the U.S. who scored her first goal on August 13, 1987. Her position is midfield. She was a member of the 1999 World Cup Championship team. 

Kristine Lilly was born on July 22, 1971 in New York, New York. She lives in Wilton, Connecticut. Lilly is 5-4 feet and 128 pounds.

She has scored 53 goals. She had her University of North Carolina jersey, number 15, retired in 1994. Lilly is a member of the U.S. National Team that won gold medals at the 1996 Olympic games. She led the team in minutes played in 1997 while starting all 18 matches. Lilly was a member of the gold medal winning team at the 1998 Goodwill Games. She completed her collegiate career with 78 goals and 41 assists.

Lilly's full name is Kristine Marie Lilly. She enjoys music, reading, movies and shopping. Kristen Lilly is a great soccer player!! 

The day of World Cup Championship game, US vs. China, Kristine wrote in her diary, "Remember today's moment. Capture it ,and store it in your heart. It is history in the making today, and I want all of you to witness it and keep it close."

Image courtesy of U.S. Soccer Communications Department

2000, by Danielle, fourth grade