Lisa Leslie

Wow! Did you see that? Everybody in Los Angeles was screaming out the name "Lisa Leslie." They cheered and waved their hands to show her how excited they were. Lisa had just scored the winning basket in a playoff game and she was going to compete in the Olympics in Athens, Greece in 2004.

Lisa Leslie is a Women's National Basketball Association player. She plays center for the Los Angeles Sparks. Lisa was born in Hawthorne, California on July 7, 1972 and is proud to play for her home state. She graduated form the University of Southern California in 1994.

Lisa has won a lot of awards and championships. In 1993, 1998 and 2002 she was the USA basketball female athlete of the year. She was the leading scorer of the winning 1996 USA Olympic team. She also was the first woman to shoot a one-handed slam-dunk.

We admire Lisa Leslie because she's a team player and great basketball player. We would love to play a game with her.

Image courtesy of USA Basketball

By Phasen & Glen, fourth grade, 2004