Janica Kostelic

Janica Kostelic was born on January 5, 1982 in Zagreb, Croatia. She is famous for skiing. She lives with her father/coach, Ante, her mother Marica, and her brother, Ivica in Zagreb, Croatia.

Even though she was the strongest competitor in alpine skiing, she had to go through 3 knee surgeries! Janica is exceptionally good and has won many medals. It is not a surprise that she is so good, because she started skiing at the age of 3! By the time she was 16 she had made her country's team for the 1998 Nagano Olympics. She raced in every event and her best finish was 8th in the combined.

At the age of 13, Janica Kostelic got an official Olympic scholarship offered by the International Olympic Committee. The scholarship is to help your athletes who are very good but need money to help support them when that are training. Later she joined the Croatian national team. You may think a star like Janica would need a 5 star coach, but her father turned out to be just perfect. After her first Olympics, she won a silver and bronze medal at the French World Championship.

Even though she was born and raised in Croatia she is just like every other American teenager. She likes to shop, her favorite movie is Die Hard and her favorite movie star is Bruce Willis!

image courtesy of http://www.janica.croski.hr  

By Tomislav & Matthew, fourth grade, 2002