Lou Henry Hoover

Lou Henry Hoover was born in Waterloo, Iowa on March 29, 1874. Her father wanted a boy so her named her Lou. Her father, Charles D. Henry was a banker. Lou's father taught her to fish, canoe, and they went camping too! Her mother, Florence taught her to sew and do housework. Her mother was a teacher before she married Mr. Henry. Lou had a younger sister Jean.

When she was little she liked to sled and ice skate. She also liked the outdoors and she liked to camp with her family.

Her family moved to Whittier, California in 1884. She went to Leland Stanford University in California. That's where she met Herbert Hoover in 1894. They both studied geology. Lou was the first woman to graduate from Stanford with a geology major. Lou and Herbert were married on February 10, 1899 and had 2 sons, Herbert Jr. and Allan Hoover.

During World War I, Lou met Juliette Gordon Low. She really liked the Girl Scouts and she became their president in the United States. She was in charge of the first Girl Scout cookie drive in 1935.

In 1921 the Hoover family moved to Washington, D.C. when Herbert was appointed Secretary of Commerce. In 1929 Herbert became the 29th President of the United States. She was the first First Lady to drive her own car and speak on the radio.

Lou died of a heart attack on January 7, 1944.

Image of Lou Henry Hoover and sons, Allan and Herbert, Jr., 1907

Image courtesy of Hoover Presidential Library Association 

By Jennifer, third grade, 2002