Alice Guy-Blaché

On July 1, 1873 in Paris, France an amazing person was born. Her name was Alice Guy Blaché. Alice was the first woman director and the first person to direct a fairytale or narrative movie. Alice Guy produced (meaning shot/filmed/produced/carried out) the first action film in 1896 it was called La Fée aux Choux (The Cabbage Fairy.) Alice was in the movie dressed a a man. In her lifetime she made about 300 movies, she made fairytales, fantasies, romances, comedies, religious parables, myths, and trick films. In 1906 Alice filmed one of the first movies ever to be seen in color. In the early 1900s she was busy directing 100s of short sound movies. She filmed the movies by using an instrument called the "chronphone."

In 1907 she married Herbert Blanché, a cameraman from England. They moved to America and had a daughter. In 1910, Alice made one of the first color and sound movies ever to be seen. In 1911 she gave birth to a son, Reginald. She returned to France in 1922 after her marriage broke up. Things did not go well in France and she came back to the United States. France gave Alice the Legion of Honor in 1953. She died in Mahwah, New Jersey in March 1968 at the age of 95. It is sad that her death was not published in the newspaper because she was such a gifted woman!

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