Anne Geddes

Anne Geddes was born in Queensland, Australia about 1956. She is one of the most successful and respected photographers of the world. She makes a living by taking pictures of children and babies. She says, "Whenever I see an image of something in my mind, I see a baby in it."

Anne has her pictures put on greeting cards, calendars, books, stationary, and other fine products. She takes pictures of infants in costumes and with props. Her career didn't start until she was 25. Anne always loved being around children. She wanted her pictures to catch the personalities of the children she photographed. Ann Geddes chooses her models from a file of hundreds of photos.

In 1991, she created a company called "Next Generation Enterprises Ltd." A part of the money the company makes goes to preventing child abuse in New Zealand and Australia.

Anne says her next book will be a collection of black and white baby photos. She and her husband Kel live in New Zealand with her two daughters. Anne Geddes is a wonderful baby photographer!

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