Indira Gandhi

Indira was born on November 19, 1917 in her grandfather's house in Allahabad, in northern India. Her father's name is Jawaharlal Nehru and her mother's Kamala Kaul.

The Independence movement filled young Indira's life. One of her earliest memories was when she went to court at the age of four. Indira's girlhood was lonely at times, and her schooling was interrupted.

1942 Indira and Feroze were married. 1947 Indira became her father's hostess as he leads India. Her upbringing had taught her much about freedom and struggle. Now, at her father's side she was to gain an education into the workings of a democracy and the realities of power. In 1959 she became congress president.

1964 her father died, his successor was Lal Bhadur Shartri. Mr. Shartri died after two years in office. In January 1966 the Congress party leaders chose Mrs. Gandhi to be Prime Minister. She has led the country for sixteen years. Her life was part of the story of modern India.

She was killed by two of her bodyguards. She was sixty-two years old.

No one ever doubted the courage of the remarkable woman who had sometimes been called "The Empress of India" and no one ever doubted that with her death a chapter of India's history ended.

 1998, by Sabina, third grade