Janet Evans

Janet Evans is a famous American Olympic swimmer. Her best event is the 400m.and the 800m freestyle. I would guess that those events were also her favorite because she won first place for those events 12 times each. She holds the most national titles in one event in the history of the National Championships.

I really think that the most interesting thing that I learned about Janet and that is that she was swimming laps in her backyard pool at Placentia, California when she was only 2 years old!

Janet was born on August 28, 1971. Janet Evans was on a lot of different teams during her life, she was on Fullerton, Trogan, Tampure, Texas.

Janet was in Pan Pacific Championships thatís one of the meets they go to. In 1989 in that meet she only won first place in the 400m free, 800m free, and the 400 IM. Janet Evans starting setting national records at the age of 11.

In Janetís life she has proven to be the best female swimmer in the U.S. history. She won three gold medals in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, one gold and one silver in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. She was named Female Swimmer of the Year by Swimming World magazine in 1987, 1989, and 1990. In the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta Janet carried the Olympic torch into the Olympic stadium before handing it off to Muhammed Ali who lit the cauldron. By the time she retired from swimming she held 45 U.S. national titles, 17 international titles, six American records, three world records and 5 Olympic medals.

Today Janet Evans is a motivational speaker and businesswoman. She also does TV commentary and works with Special Olympics.

So now you could get a picture of Janet Evans life, and swimming life from this article.

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