Queen Elizabeth I


When Elizabeth I was Queen of England, women could not own land or vote. Elizabeth was the daughter of King Henry VIII. She lived in a difficult time. Young Elizabeth's own life was in danger. Other people wanted to run England. England was threatened by bigger and stronger countries, especially Spain. Elizabeth was also in danger because other people wanted to rule England. Elizabeth was made queen at age 25. She governed wisely. She challenged Spain and won. In 1588, the King of Spain sent a bunch of ships called the Spanish Armada, to take over England. England sent the ships limping home. Elizabeth was an attractive woman with long red-gold hair. She loved dancing and horseback riding. She spoke Latin, French, Spanish, and Italian. Elizabeth never got married. She was dedicated to being a good queen. She once said to a group of advisers, "Though God hath raised me high, yet I count this glory of my crown, that I have reigned with your love." Elizabeth died in 1603. England's people owned a great deal of women called, Good Queen Bess. 


1998, by Brittany, fourth grade