Princess Diana of Wales


Princess Diana spent most of her life giving to charities related to homeless and very sick children. Diana amazed many people in 1987, when she personally held and shook hands with a patient sick with AIDS.

In July of 1981 Princess Diana Frances Spencer married Prince Charles and became Princess Diana of Wales. She had two sons. Her oldest son, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis was born June 21, 1982. Diana's youngest son Prince Henry Charles Albert David was born September 15, 1984. Princess Diana and Prince Charles separated in 1992. Then sadly, In 1996 they divorced.

In August of 1997 Diana's worst tragedy of all happened. While being chased by photographers in the streets of Paris, Princess Diana died in a car accident. Some say Princess Diana would perhaps not have died, if she were wearing her seatbelt. One of the passengers in the car was wearing a seatbelt, and survived. He had several very bad injuries.

Millions of people all over the world experienced Princess Diana's funeral either on television or live in London. There were so many flowers it took days to remove all of them. Thousands of tears were shed on that very sad day, at Diana's Funeral.

1998, by Erin, Fourth Grade