Mary Cassatt

Cassatt.gif (15266 bytes)Mary Cassatt was born on May 22, 1844 in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania. She had three brothers and one sister. Her family was considered wealthy and well known. Mary went to school at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. She traveled to Europe to study, she did most of her work in France, where she met and painted with artist’s such as; Monet, Manet, Pissarro and Degas. They all became an important part of the impressionist movement. Mary played an important part in helping the impressionist artist’s by giving them money to continue their work.

She also asked her brother in the USA, to buy the impressionist paintings. She told her brother and her wealthy friends that these works would make their collections very valuable. She brought a lot of attention to the impressionist movement and introduced new ways of painting to society. Mary was thought to be a powerful and intense artist. Mary Cassatt died on June 14, 1926.

If Mary Cassatt had not lived I think the world would have missed very beautiful works of art.

1999, by Matthew, third grade