Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn was probably born in the year 1501 or 1502 in Bickling Hall in Northfolk. Her father was Sir Thomas Boleyn. Her mother was Elizabeth Howard. She had two siblings, Mary and George.

Anne grew up in France. She worked the household of Mary, Henry VIII's sister, who was married to Louis XII of France. In 1521, Anne returned home from France. That was when she caught the eye of King Henry VIII's eye. He was at first attracted to her sister Mary who went to court first. Anne learned a lot from her. Anne was a lady in waiting to Henry's wife, Queen Catherine of Aragon. Anne joined her sister in service to Queen Catherine. Henry wanted Anne to be his mistress, but Anne refused. Anne told him she would be his wife, not his mistress. In 1527 Henry tried to get his marriage annulled so that he could marry Anne. In January of 1533 Henry and Anne were married in secret, she was crowned queen on June 1. On September 7, Anne gave birth to Princess Elizabeth.

Henry needed a son to carry on the Tudor name but Anne was unable to give Henry the son he wanted. She had two other pregnancies but the children were either stillborn or she miscarried. By then Henry was interested in another woman Jane Seymour. She would become his third wife.

On May 2, 1536, Anne was arrested and charged with incest, adultery, and plotting to murder the King. The charges were false. She was beheaded on May 19, 1536.

Anne at first was believed not to be good enough to marry a duke. She went on to marry King Henry. She was a good wife and was beheaded on false charges of cheating on Henry. She was beheaded because she couldn't give Henry a son, and if she were not good enough to give Henry a son, Henry would not allow her to be his wife.

Henry and Anne's daughter, Queen Elizabeth I, went on to be one of England's greatest queens.

Picture Anne Boleyn, by an unknown artist

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