Nellie Bly

Nellie Bly was the first women investigative journalist. She was born on May 5, 1864 in Cochran's Mills, Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth had 6 brothers and four sisters. Elizabeth pen name was Nellie Bly. Her father was a lawyer he encouraged her to read he also taught her how to write when she was only two years old. Nellie went to a boarding school in Indiana, Pennsylvania for 1 year, 1880-1881. She got good grades at the school. Two years later she left the boarding school and continued her education at home. If Nellie Bly wasn't born, there wouldn't be any women investigative journalist or reporters Her first book was around the world in 72 days. She beat Phileas Fogs record. In 1888 she spent ten days posing as a patient in the mental hospital on Blackwells Island now Roosevelt Island, New York City, to gather information about the treatment of the inmates. She died in 1922.

1998, by Chris, third grade