Laura Baugh

Laura Baugh was born in Gainesville, Florida, May 31, 1955. She joined the LPGA in July 1973 and was selected Rookie of the Year. She also turned pro at the age 17 but had to wait 6 months until she was 18 to join since the women's golf tour has an age requirement. She is married Bobby Cole and has 7 children, 4 girls, and 3 boys. She enjoys cooking, music, aerobics, and being home with her family. She was chosen as Golf Digestís 1972 Most Beautiful Golfer and 1971 Los Angeles Times Woman of the Year. She is author of Out of the Rough: An Intimate Portrait of Laura Baugh and Her Sobering Journey. Laura began working as a television announcer in 2000. She now lives in Orlando, Florida.

By Alex & Robert R., fourth grade 2003

Image courtesy of LPGA

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