Lauren Bacall

Betty Joan Perske was born on November 16, 1924 in the big Apple! Her mother was a secretary and her father was a salesman, both were middle class.

Perske's parents divorced when she was five. Originally Perske wanted to become a dancer however she became too interested in acting. Perske studied in the Academy of Dramatic Arts. She did some modeling too and was on the cover of Harper's Bazaar, a very popular magazine. She made her first stage debut after high school when she stared in several Off-Broadway shows. When Perske got out of school she started modeling. Later she became an actress and the movie studio changed her name to Lauren Bacall. She starred in many movies such as The Big Sleep and To Have and to Have Not. Humphrey Bogart, the man of her dreams, co-starred with her in both films! They fell in love the moment they saw each other and got hitched in 1945! After several years together Bogart got sick with cancer and died. A couple of years after his death, Bacall married again, but divorced after eight years.

Lauren has written two books, Lauren Bacall, By Myself and By Myself and Then Some. Lauren is still alive and healthy remains fondly remembered.

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By Alex, fourth grade, 2005