Julie Andrews

   Many children know Julie Andrews as a nanny in Mary Poppins and Maria, the governess, in The Sound of Music. Julie Andrews is a British singer and actress.

    Julie Andrews was born in Walton-on-Thomas, England, on October 1, 1935. When she was 4, her parents Barbara, and Ted Wells separated, but then her mother remarried a man named Ted Andrews. Barbara and Ted were duo and they discovered that Julie had a marvelous voice with the range of 4 octaves. That allowed her to perform with her parents. She was around her parents most of the time singing and acting with them.

    In 1954 she performed in her first Broadway musical ever, called The Boyfriend. In 1956 Julie played Eliza Doolittle in the Broadway production called My Fair Lady. Then in 1959 Julie got married to a man named Tony Walton who she knew in her childhood. In 1962 Julie stopped acting to give birth to a baby girl named Emma Kate. Then after she gave birth she starred in her first film, Mary Poppins. She won an Academy Award for that film in 1964. Then she starred in The Sound of Music in 1965. Julie got divorced from Tony and got remarried just like her mom. She married Blake Edward in 1969. Blake was a writer and a director. In 1971 she wrote a children's book called Mandy. Then in 1974 Julie and Blake adopted 2 Vietnamese orphan girls. When she adopted them they were just babies. Their names were Amy and Joanna.

    In 1989 she received the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Lifetime Tribute Award. In 1992 Julie become the Goodwill ambassador for the United Nation Development Fund for Women. In 1998 Julie lost her voice. This was due to an operation on her throat. The wonderful Julie Andrews is still living today at the age of 66 years old. Today we know her as a wonderful actress, movie star, and singer. Man, she was great!
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By Stacey and Desiree, fourth grade, 2001