Daisy May Bates

Daisy May Bates was a welfare worker and a anthropologist. She studied the native peoples of Australia. Daisy was born in Tipperary, Ireland on October 16, 1859 and died in Adelaide, Australia on April 18, 1951 at the age of 91. In Bates' early life her mother died of tuberculosis on December 20, 1862. Her father married Mary Dillon on September 21, 1864. Bates second mother died on her way to the United Sates. So Bates was raised by relatives. She was educated in The National School.

Bates spent 35 years helping the Aboriginal people of Australia. She wrote articles about her experiences. She wrote her autobiography, "My Natives and I," while living in a tent. Did you know there are children's book and even an opera about Daises. The aboriginal people called her "Kabbarli," meaning grandmotherly person.

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