Pony Express
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Gold Rush

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Iron Horse

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Pony Express

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Texas Cattle Drive

The Mormon Trail

Trail of Tears

Wagon Trains

Wounded Knee Massacre



The Pony Express was a mail service that delivered mail from Missouri to California. After the Gold Rush, thousands of people went west and mail became very important.


There were many Pony Express stations in the west and the stations were very important. St. Joseph, Missouri was the main station in Missouri and Sacramento was the main one in California. Pony Express stations also served as rest stops for the riders where they slept and changed ponies. The stations also helped California keep communication between the coasts.

The Journey

The journey for the Pony Express rider was very long and extremely dangerous. There were lots of  wild animals and Native Americans. Native Americans would attack the riders. Another problem with the journey was the weather. Bad weather caused delays which caused mail to arrive late. The riders also had to cross deserts and mountains that were very dangerous.

The Riders

There were many famous Pony Express riders.  One of them was Buffalo Bill. Many other riders were young and brave teenagers and orphans. The Pony Express lasted only 19 months but it was a great part of America's history.

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