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Pioneers traveled on the Oregon Trail in search of a better life and better place to live.  The Oregon Trail began in Missouri, and went through Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, and finally ended in Oregon. This journey took a very long time and it was very dangerous for the Pioneers. Even children went on this trip.

It Took a Very Long Time to get to Oregon

This trail was the longest overland route in the westward growth in the United States. The first trip was in was in 1842 on May 16. The trip took 4-6 months to get to Oregon. It took this long because they didn't have cars, train's, or buses to get there. Some people didn't expect the trip to be that long. Some died on this trip because they didn't pack enough things so it was very cold, and they died from the cold. Many also died from not eating and drinking.

The Trip was Very Dangerous

For the children, the trip was very long and very difficult. It was a very long walk once the people got started on the trip to Oregon. The children had to walk the whole way to Oregon. Only the babies and toddlers were allowed to ride with their mothers in the carriages. The girls had to cook and do laundry. The boys had to hunt food and look after the oxen and other animals. The Oregon Trail was for people who wanted a better life. This journey was very long and dangerous. Many were sad because their family members died on the trail. The last trip was in 1865. Over the 20 years, more than 300,000 people had made the trip.


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