Mountain Men
By Tahreek and Salman

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Mountain men hunt beavers and other animals for their valuable fur. The most famous of all the mountain men was Jim Bridger because he began working as a trapper in the Rockies. He was probably the first white mountain men to see Great Salt Lake and the wonders of Yellowstone. He spent 40 years in the mountains. Then he became a scout in the U.S. Army.

Dangerous & Lonely Lives

Mountain men lived lonely and dangerous lives because they live in the wild. Most of them might have encountered with animals and get killed. By marrying they got company like children. They also got closer to Native Americans. It was also dangerous because they traveled through wide rivers and thick forest.


The Secret of the Trolls (Original) (Signed)Every year the trappers met for a big party in the mountains to celebrate the loads of fur they collected. They gathered in a valley, bringing the loads of fur they had collected to sell and exchange for goods. Then they sang, danced, drank, and laughed and sometimes had fist fights as well. By the end of the party, they were usually penniless.

Without Mountain Men the west wouldn't have as much people like today. Native Americans were pushed of their land and were killed.

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